Sunday, June 17, 2012

Graduation 2012

 Yesterday was my graduation!
Even with all that color saturation, I'm still pale. :D 
I have to say that it was the longest day in existence for me because, not only was I in the choir and had to be on the field BEFORE 7am for sound check, but I stood up all night fashioning my cap.
This thing is SOO FUCKING GLITTERY in the sun, you have no idea. 
 This is the view of the stadium from the pool at about 6:30am. The sun wasn't even out yet.
 The ceremony began at 8am and ended at 10:30am. It was long, but it was worth it. Here I am with Chris and all of my honor's sashes, tassels, necklaces, and hat decorations weighing me down. It was about 85 - 90 degrees under that 100% polyester gown. As you can tell, THE BIG BOOTS WERE DONNED!!! Yup, I graduated in my big, bad ass, Goth boots. Spikes and all (And even with them on, I'm not even eye-to-eye with Chris. Yes, I'm tiny).
My cousin was also graduating today with her Master's! It was so cool that we got to share our special day together. :D
 The blond in blue is my mom. She was waaaay happier than I was right here. I kept complaining about the heat and was still super tired from the day before. Thank God for her patience.
 This is my cousin's mother, my Aunt Lorraine. Her husband, my Uncle David, was taking photos during this part, so you don't really see him, but he was there.
We went to my Uncle's house for a family gathering afterwards, and there was where my brother was waiting. He NEVER comes out for family gatherings, and we live together!!! He bought me the most beauuutiful bouquet of roses and this VERY classy balloon.
 It matches my outfit! Now that takes real talent.
 My Aunt Lorraine knows what I like, so we were greeted with this table when we walked into the living room.
 Almond kisses, and M&M trail mix with mini cookies!
 Gummy bears (my cousin and my personal favorite).
 Reese's peanut butter cups, Skittles, and sour worms.
Naturally, I restrained myself in order to maintain my pristine, waif-y figure...
... Then I realized who I am and gave in. 
 Another surprise was our graduation cake.
 My cousin (her brother, Daniel) had taken both of our photos, so my Aunt took them to the bakery and had our faces put on a cake together.
 My side of the cake says Mary Ann "Bachelors".
 My cousins' side of the cake says Lorena "Masters".
 And thank you to her my cousin, her other brother David, for this lovely photo bomb.

It was a very lovely day. More family came, but I don't want to post too many photos. I just feel so blessed. Things were getting hard with negative people influencing me, 20 units of classes, being the lead in the opera, learning new music, AND maintaining a job. Things have calmed down (FOR NOW), but I'm so glad. I rose past it all and graduated. Those negative people can keep their school and continue swimming on in their own shark tank.
I'm free. I did it. I feel like I owe a piece of cake to all of you who have been there for me over the years. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and laughter to keep me going. I owe this degree to you. Thank you for believing in me. <3!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and happy graduation!

Jessica said...

Ahhhh congrats again! Will miss running into you at school though :[ ah well. We have EA to look forward to every year XD