Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hot Topic Loot

I ordered some loot from and it came in the mail today! 
Okay, so these photos are actually pretty old. I got this package the day before I went to the hospital and walked to the mall (where I got some MORE clearance stuff on sale too).
The first thing I got was this cool T-shirt.
Pretty basic, but I like the logo. It actually fits pretty well, like a normal woman's shirt. I don't know why I thought it would be printed on a man's T-shirt size, but I bought this with the intentions of cutting it up. Oh well, looks like I'll keep it this way till I figure what else to do with it.
Then, I also got these two little numbers.
Manic Panic's nail polish!
It's super cool. I love the red glitter, it just looks so sinister in it's magic little bottle.
And I also got this other shade from Manic Panic too. This is the same as the other one, but with a silver glitter inside instead.
This is what it looks like- the left side is the red glitter, and the right side is the black glitter. As you can see, both of these have a black instead of clear base to it.
This is what the red glitter nail polish looks like over my chipped fucked up badly repair needed black nail polish.
And this is the silver glitter nail polish.
In some natural lighting. These actually catch the light pretty well in real life, I really like these. They make my blacks blacker and add some sparkle too (you all already know what a sucker for glitter I am, it's my cocaine).
Left to right- the colors on my bare nail, the red glitter polish, the silver glitter polish, and my bare black nail.
So yay, I'm glad I found some new products to use! I feel fancy. Now to go repaint my awful nails. <3!


Anonymous said...

I love painting my nails - once a week I sit down and go crazy for an hour or so. The more glitter, the better - the red glitter polish you picked up looks so sweet! 8D

Jakk "The Kaptin" Gomez said...

Love the shirt... feel like it could use a pirate hat though =P